What do we do for economic sustainability?


Socio-economic sustainability is the essence of the project, which we define as socio-business.



  • We promote training, employment and support for women victims of gender-based violence to improve their quality of life and integration.
  • Our status as a non-profit socio-business project means that we reinvest all the profits in the same project to ensure its sustainability.
  • We encourage family reconciliation by adapting working hours and providing childcare services for the babies that mothers are breastfeeding.

End of poverty

What does the ONU say about this goal?

People in the shadow of poverty are part of the project.

Gender equality

What does the ONU say about this goal?

99% of the people who are part of the Teixint Esperances project are women. One of the aims of this project is to promote gender equality and, above all, to empower all women.

Decent work and economic growth


What does the ONU say about this goal?

We offer meaningful work, that is, real, useful and justly remunerated, to women in a situation of vulnerability, who are accompanied by psychologists and social educators, who look at women as a whole, beyond work.

Reduced  inequalities

We promote inclusive work, regardless of ability, gender, origin, religion or race.

Partnership for the goals

What does the ONU say about this goal?

From our birth, we have understood that a social enterprise cannot develop without networking and alliances with administrations and entities. So we have strategic alliances with various actors.